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The Alchemical Signs Travel Mugs  5 Urban Collection - Alchemy Signs Collection 6

The Alchemical Signs Travel Mugs

The Alchemical Signs series, which finds its origins in Oriental and Egyptian holistic culture, interprets that quest in contemporary shapes and colors. Bright and bold tonal contrasts emphasize vibrancy. Dynamic geometrical shapes conjure up powerful primal totems. Our designer began with the ancient alchemical diamond-based triangular and lines symbols for fire, water, earth and air to create exhilarating vertical and horizontal patterns. Pyramid and diamond facet shapes, both fundamental to alchemy, are thought to create harmonious frequencies that bring purity and balance. In our evocative horizontal design they merge and flow together as if powered by an unseen current.

Red Dot Design Award

Strict Material Selection – Made by Hand

ACERA’s focus bringing elegant aesthetics into the lives of consumers. Along with this, our international multicultural design team hopes to showcase truly exquisite ceramic culture and techniques using our work.

100% Original Design

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