Ceramic Craftmanship

Selects materials
with the utmost

Our team has persisted in traditional handcraft for every valued customer for nearly 30 years. Every single piece of art is crafted with imported materials, with more than 72 steps under a rigorous control of multi-stage quality inspection. Employing international patented techniques for daily-use ceramics and incorporating our unique aesthetics, we proudly present our art pieces that we deem as priceless as treasures.

Excellent production
techniques at work to create
each masterpiece

ACERA has worked diligently for the past 30 years to ensure that each customer receives the best possible product and service. Our raw materials are imported, and we ensure that each ACERA product is handmade using traditional processes. The production process at ACERA is complex, with multiple levels of quality inspection. At ACERA, we have combined our unique aesthetics with internationally-patented ceramic technology. We consider each product as something to treasure: a veritable work of art.