The Ceramics Journey

Drinking sufficient water benefits your body. Making it a natural experience will make even the earth smile in pleasure.

Ceramic is an oriental treasure having a history of over 1,000 years. It also represents Chinese art and philosophy of life. From the inside out, ACERA products pursue innovation and beautifully integrate technology, health and aesthetics. They also focus on respecting and cherishing nature with a heart full of gratitude.

LIVEN Products Cleaning and Maintenance

Use ACERA’s soft foam cleaning brush or any non-abrasive cleaning implement inside and out. Avoid the use of scouring pads and metallic brushes that damage glaze surfaces.

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Tumbler Lid Structure

Each diagram shows you the materials of each lid is made, ACERA uses the best quality of materials for all of the products and accessories.

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Tumbler Sleeve

The artistic groove inner surface of the silicone sleeve provides improved heat insulation, and suits the shape of the tumbler well.

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LIVEN CLAY Brand Mark and Signature

To emphasize our commitment to Oriental aesthetics and to the health, beauty and longevity they promote, Acera specially prints the brand mark of “Liven Clay” on the bottom of every product in the series. We also pay tribute to our pottery artisans by including signature markings that identify each product’s craftsman and glaze sprayers.

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